An exploratory workshop
with Bridget Belgrave, Nayoma de Haen
and Gabriele Seils

Saturday June 29, 2024 in Berlin

Three long time NVC trainers meet and offer their perspectives on the spirituality in NVC.

NVC spirituality means to us things like:

  • returning to presence
  • accepting myself as I am
  • a deep sense of connection with myself and all of life
  • openness to the mystery that unfolds within us and between us

Join us for inspirations, exercises and meditations to experience and reflect on the spiritual dimensions of NVC.

This seminar being a special event will be open for a max. of 32 participants.

Language: Englisch

Prerequisite: The workshop is open to people who’ve done at least 2 days of NVC training or equivalent experience.

Fee:  Choose from these three options: €130 – €165 – €200

Time: 10 – 17h

Venue: Diakonieverein Zehlendorf, Bussealle 23, Berlin 14163


About us:
The three of us met in Berlin in 2023, and found a lot of resonance and joy in sharing our views and experiences of NVC and our life paths. The idea for this workshop emerged from our connection.

  • Bridget Belgrave, Oxford, UK, NVC trainer since 1996, co-creator of the Dance Floors
  • Nayoma de Haen, Berlin, Germany, NVC trainer since 2009, co-author of “30 Minuten Gewaltfreie Kommunikation”
  • Gabriele Seils, Berlin, Germany, NVC trainer since 2004, co-author of “Konflikte lösen durch Gewaltfreie Kommunikation” with Marshall Rosenberg